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Commander Pro + Commander Core XT for EK AIO 360 DRGB CPU Cooler (3 fans) and 6 QL120 fans


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I'm new to PC building so bear with me guys, I'm just inquiring around so I can get my first PC build right:

I want to control both the EK AIO 360 DRGB CPU cooler fans and QL120 fans  through the Corsair iCUE software as I see it being the most convenient for me in terms of controlling RGB lighting and fan speed ALL in one place. I had in mind of controlling the 6 QL120 fans (RGB lighting and fan speed) through the Commander Core XT and controlling the EK AIO 360 DRGB CPU Cooler fans (3 fans) through the Commander Pro. I would plug the 4-pin PWM fan connectors of the EK AIO into the Commander Pro normally (for fan speed) and plug the daisy chained EK AIO fan D-RGB LED Light connectors into this adapter/converter (https://www.amazon.com/EZDIY-FAB-Adapter-Lighting-Commander-Included/dp/B08KGMZ9YT), which will then go into the LED slot of the Commander Pro (for RGB lighting). I want to do this setup to avoid overcrowding 1 controller with all 9 fans as I read that this could lead to issues. What do you guys think? Is this overkill? Or is there an easier way to wire all 9 fans?

Any help would truly be appreciated. Thank you!

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