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New RM850x won't send power

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I just bought a new rm850x to replace an ancient 850 psu I've moved from build to build for 13 yrs. Since I was going from a non-modular to fully modular psu, figured good time to upgrade case (diy pc > Crystal iCUE 465X) and cooling (stock amd > h115i RGB Platinum). Got everything torn down and built back up, had to rearrange to fans bit, new radiator doesn't fit on top of case. 

Pc was working perfectly fine an hour before I started swapping everything to the new case.

I've done the paper clip test, and it passed. I've checked all the pin connectors, and non seam to be loose. I've checked with both cpu cables the psu comes with, used different power cables, different outlets. Nothing.

The mb and psu standby lights don't power on, and there is a slight crackling sound when connecting the power cable to the psu. 




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Do not use same cables from previous psu use new ones.  Assemble the 24 pin and the 8pin cpu one into the board and power it on

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it can happen that a wire got pinched and damaged when installing the PSU (any cable, RGB, SATA, something in the way of the side panels.. )

If there's a short circuit somewhere, the PSU short circuit protection will kick in immediately.

Maybe try to boot with the bare minimum, just the motherboard plugged in (24 pin and CPU power) and see if the thing powers on ?

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On 11/25/2021 at 9:33 PM, Willyse said:

Man, I am in the exactly same case but with a CX750F. And I got a spare one from Amazon and the same issue is happening.

Same crackling sound too even with the switch off. It seems like there is big issues in corsair's factory.

I use the RM850X I also have a crackling sound when switching off, I suggest its relay because this sound is similar to turning off and on a relay.

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