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K65 Mini Polling rate change w/out icue?


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Hi there!  Just switched from an APEX TKL to the Corsair K65 Mini.  I love the short travel keystrokes, even having the ability to change actuation point on the TKL is very nice the 4mm key travel is, to me, not gaming oriented and feels too long.  I normally bottom out on key strokes.  So I've been using this beautiful new keyboard for less than an hour already and went to download the software to change the default polling rate.  From what I heard it's 1000, correct me if I am wrong.  But the software is ? 700 some mb?  wow.  So is there any way to change the polling rate without the software being installed?  Or can I uninstall the software after changing it to 8k or will it revert back to 1k?



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