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iCue4 starts NVRLA.exe process


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Hi. I installed iCue app (4.17.244) and after start it enable NVRLA.exe process - and this process eats 8-10% of CPU!

Manually kill the process and iCue not open it till next boot. I dont know is it nvidia issue or Corsair but withhout iCue I hadnt got any problems with it.

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It stands to reason its on the Nvidia end.  https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/geforce-experience/14/459153/nvrlaexe-causing-high-cpu-temps/


CUE does use GPU resources for the app window features, so if you have GeForce Exp doing capturing, processing or otherwise attempting to render an effect on the window then that could be a linked relationship.  If you are not using the features within that program, getting rid of it would certainly solve the issue.  



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