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S70 Battery replacement

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No part number?

Your website does not specify the specs for the HS70 replacement battery. All I can figure is that it's a LiON, not a LiPo that is required, but not the physical dimensions or a recommended part number. In an age of self-repair and environmental responsibility, forcing customers to buy multiple products till they find one that fits fells a bit of a silly way when simply having a user manual online alongside the quick start might speed things up a tad. I found a reddit thread which points to some folk having moderate success buying random batteries, and struggling to believe that was the plan, I really hope I'm wrong, starting to really love this headset.

Do shout if anyone knows where or how to get a reasonably compatible battery.

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Bumping the thread, since everyone says they got one off amazon, but not finding an actual item link.

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