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Icue turns of my rgb on startup


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I just installed an H1701 Elite capellix. I have a commander pro, the H170i and a k70 mk.2 keyboard. All are visible in icue.


When I start icue the rgb on the pump and my 3 fans turns off. but my keyboard retains its lighting profile. When I quit icue all rgb tunr back on and goes to rainbow wheel.

can some one please help me i have been through ever setting in icue and cant figure out how to get everything to play together. 

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Before the software loads you are in "hardware mode".  Devices that have onboard memory and can store lighting and function assignments have changeable states for this.  The H170i likely has some default lighting set for the pump in this mode. 


Once CUE loads you are in software mode.  Now the "lighting effects" and other top menus come into play.  You most likely need to go to the Lighting Set-up tab for the Commander Core XT and tell the program what type of RGB fans you are using (LED count) and the number connected.  Elite Capellix comes with "8 LED" fans.  Once you have done that, the expected UI fan graphic should appear in Lighting Effects and you can start adding in some color.  

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