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5000x case design flaw- CPU power

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I figured i cant be the only one with this issue. All of the videos that i have watched on builds with the 5000x seems to either side mount or front mount the AIO. But the law of physics says those are not the best places for the AIO. TOP MOUNT ALWAYS. 

Here is the issue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2ervXeVk0o 

-starting at 38:00- 38:40 

There is what I would like to call a major design flaw/oversight by corsair, and I just don't know how to work around this. The issue is that the spacing /gap in the back side of the case for the CPU cables, are EXTREMELY close to the radiator. If you even think about adding fans under the radiator(inside the case), you will be very hard pressed to jam it in there. and when we are working with multiple thousand dollar rigs, I do not like needing to jam in my radiator, and have massive downward pressure on the CPU power cables. 

This becomes an issue because I really wanted to setup a push pull on my radiator- the only way that is possible is by top mounting the Rad. 

I am using a EVGA psu, and as we all know EVGA's psu cables with their single wrap (tube style) cords- can be a huge paid to deal with. The issue i am facing is that at the end of the the EVGA cables they have those big black tape wraps. which makes them even less bendable. 

Sadly i can only think of a couple options 

1. find new psu cables that are not in one single sheath- this is what the guy does in the video. but even that is super tight. 

2. find some type of 90 degree adapter- which is risky because i hate messing with aftermarket power adapters. and i cant really find anything like this. 

3. find some psu cables that have a 90 degree plug on one end and standard on the other. 

4. tear apart my rig, used a metal grinder, and remove like .5 inches of metal to make the opening deeper- the opening the CPU cables route through from the back. 

I've attached some pics to show what I mean. 

-here is the cable view. the red line represents my idea #4, by making that notch .5 inch deeper that should solve the problem- this is how corsair should have designed it in the first place. 



This is what it looks like in the case with the fan. I know it does not look like it but with my thumb i am pushing the fan in pretty hard, and that is as far as it will go. better view in the next pic 


see how far the fan is. and you can clearly see me pushing on it. 


So what I have discovered is its basically impossible to do a push pull AIO setup in this case- and the airflow version ( which is ironic). the 7000x does not have this issue at all. but I don't need a computer case the size of a mini fridge. 

Again this seems like a major oversight by corsair. as there should never ever be a reason things should be "super tight" with a lot of downward pressure on things like the CPU power cables. Does corsair think no one wants to do a push pull setup with the AIO? Its just super frustrating, to get this far in and figure out this issue. I don't really want to go have 100$ custom power cords made, to work around corsairs design flaw. 


I hate saying it but the more and more i think about this, the more it seems like the best easiest option is to get my metal grinder and grind down the slot. but i reallllly don't like the thought of metal shavings getting everywhere. so this will take a full tear down. grind it out, sand it down to get rid of sharp edges. mask the edge with a grommet or electrical tape. then spend A LOT of time cleaning out and dusting out all the metal shavings from the case. 

Or I try to get some custom PSU cables made from like mod-one or cableMod- which takes 6-8 weeks. Thus making me wait 2 months to add more RGB to my case. Do you really want a RGB fanboy to wait 2 months? I don't know if I will be able to survive. more RGB=more FPS. 

any suggestions from corsair or other members would be greatly appreciated. and don't get me wrong i am corsair fanboy. literally every component that corsair does make- is in this case. and this case is by far one of the cleanest looking cases I have ever seen. but someone really dropped the ball on this. I went to the store, with my little tape measure, and most other cases I have seen either have a much deeper slot for the CPU cables to come through. 



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I'm not sure why you insist on TOP MOUNT ALWAYS [sic]. I'm not sure which specific "law of physics" you are referring to here either.

That's really not accurate and there are many scenarios where top mount on an AIO is a bad idea for several reasons, not the least of which is that top mount in exhaust will tend to pull GPU waste heat through the radiator and cause you no end of grief managing your coolant temps, especially if you have a powerful GPU. Because that GPU heat will wind up heating the coolant in the radiator. And that is based on one of the laws of physics - specifically the 2nd law of thermodynamics.


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well for starters. I am not exhausting air from the AIO. Everyone knows you dont exhaust your AIO. you suck cold intake air through it. so my push pull via top mount was going to be fans in intake mode on the top of the AIO and then again intake mode on the bottom of the AIO. making a push-pull intake. 

1. It's generally better to have the rad as an intake where it will be getting cooler outside air vs. using it as an exhaust where it will be fed warmer case air first.

2. because this is tempered glass, having constant air exhausting against it, (top or front) can actually cause stress fractures in the glass over time. This is a known thing. go blow hot air aginst tempured glass 7 days a week 365 and see what happens. 

This would leave us with side mount as the only option. with the radiator lines at the top. this makes everything else in the case extremely difficult to work around. Side mounting also presents the issue of potential air issues. I am not saying what is right or wrong. i am going off of the great majority of what people say on reddit and youtube. This is what i was referring to. 

I like your semi know-it-all response. but you don't even stop to think that I could be intaking air through my rad via top mount. 

but the whole point of this was that, i want to do push pull. so in your very helpful response you didn't stop to think that you cannot do push pull on the front or side. That is the entire point of this. Corsair tells you, you can do push pull via top mount. but then you get ready to set it up and you end up with this issue I have. 

so any tips you have for a solution. let me know haha. 

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same deal on my O11XL, it's not uncommon, but with shite cables it's horrible. Sorry Corsair but adding two inches of thick heat shrink at the connecting end of cables is just silly.

So yea you'll need sleeved cables to get around that problem, keeping in mind that using push pull on thin radiators, besides making more noise, doesn't noticeably improve thermals and makes cleaning the radiator a nightmare. But if it fits with flexible cables, have fun with the build of course 🙂

Honestly the side mount would be the easiest and probably look better if you're after RGB goodness since you don't even need to do a push pull at all since you won't see the back. As for air, you shouldn't worry too much either. even in this position, AIOs pumps are too weak to pull air back once they are trapped in the top tank.



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On 11/23/2021 at 9:36 AM, WireManageTheseHands said:

So what I have discovered is its basically impossible to do a push pull AIO setup in this case- and the airflow version ( which is ironic). the 7000x does not have this issue at all. but I don't need a computer case the size of a mini fridge. 

You are trying to do push-pull on top in a mid-size case. While the name is fairly generic, half the “mid-size” cases out there won’t let you even mount the AIO up top without hitting the VRM heat sink or RAM. The reason there aren’t more people complaining about this is because there aren’t more people trying to do push pull up top. It’s a marginal gain on a 30mm medium FPI radiator and those seeking these types of set ups usually realize they need a large case. That you can even squeeze the 110mm stack in demonstrates there is more space up there than the average medium sized desktop tower shape. I am not sure why Corsair put that “360 push/pull in the roof language” in the marketing. Just looking at the promo shots it looks like it would be uncomfortably tight, which I guess is exactly what this is — possible but uncomfortably tight. 


On 11/23/2021 at 10:19 AM, WireManageTheseHands said:

well for starters. I am not exhausting air from the AIO. Everyone knows you dont exhaust your AIO. you suck cold intake air through it. so my push pull via top mount was going to be fans in intake mode on the top of the AIO and then again intake mode on the bottom of the AIO. making a push-pull intake

You posted two pictures of your fans in top exhaust, so that one is pretty much on you. 

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Dealing with this issue today with top mounted AIO and the supplied power cables with the 850x.  I am not comfortable putting that much pressure on those cables and in turn that part of the MB.  I did order some of the more flexible corsair cables so my build is delayed (unfortunately) until those come.

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Wish I had seen this before I purchased the 5000x, a H150i LCD, and extra Commander XT, 3 extra ML RGB Elite fans, 6 QL fans, and setup the QL fans in the front and side panels, and then went to setup the rad and ML fans push pull in the top just to realize it's completely impossible. I even have flexible individually sleeved cables, but there's just no way a push/pull setup will work in the top of this case,and im frustrated that it's even advertised as such. Especially when using all Corsair products in my build. This is my first PC build I've been able to afford since before the Pandemic started and I'm so bummed out right now. 

Im probably going to have to undo all the work I did last night setting up all the other fans and reconfigure everything for push/pull in the front. Which is not going to look nearly as nice as the original setup I had with the QL's pulling air through the front and side panels... Kinda wish I would have just gotten the 7000x, but it would have blown my budget... *sighs* 

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