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Help - Replace Aurora R8 PSU with RM850X

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I'm not an expert in PC hardware and I'm going to replace the original PSU by a new RM850x and I have one doubt about one connection.

I know there is a 24 pin connector, but I have other connector (see image below) and I will like to confirm what cable and in what connector of the PSU I need to connect this. I don't want make something wrong.


The connector is 8-Pin but only used 6 of them. 





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ah the weirdos... from where it is it's a PCIE power cable, to power the GPU But it seems they reversed those rows. The 12V is where the ground is in normal PCIE cables

So in the end it looks like an EPS12V cable (a CPU power cable) with 6 wires instead of 8.

If they did things right, a PCIE cable should not key in this socket, and only a CPU power cable will.

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