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New in the ecosystem, have a question about fans

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Hi, I'm planning a new build, I had a few Corsair products here and there in the past but this time I'm getting into it for real, but the whole lighthing-commander-core-pro-rgb thing is a bit confusing for a newcomer, so I need some confirmations:

The plan is to get a H150 Elite Capellix, which has a COMMANDER CORE included and 9x QL 120, each 3 pack with a LIGHTING NODE CORE, I am going full QLs, not using the MLs included with the AIO.

So the wiring should be the following:

H150 + 6x pwm QL + 6x led QL to the COMMANDER CORE (to SATA power and internal USB obv)

3x led QL to one LIGHTHING NODE CORE (to SATA power and internal usb)

3x pwm QL to mobo

Is it correct? I will have to control 3 fans outside of iCUE but everything else should be there and that's fine with me.

The remaning 2 LIGHTING NODE CORE are useless to me at this point? I can go ahead and buy 1x triple pack and 6x single? (it's cheaper).

Thank you!

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You can also use PWM splitters or a PWM hub to put all of the PWM control on the Commander Core. But you cannot split the fans - you'll overload the power.

Other than that - and that really is optional - you are spot on.

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You can buy the singles if it's measurable cheaper.  Otherwise an extra LN Core is generally helpful as a back up or additional controller.  It's always hard to get when you really need it.  


I also suggest getting an inexpensive powered PWM hub.  You won't want 3 fans on MB control while all the rest are available in CUE.  It essentially becomes a powered 3/6 way splitter and there is no reason to run fans within banks of three at different speeds.  

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