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Fillmore Graves

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Bought thje Scimitar RGB Elite mouse from amazon while it was on sale. Hoping it will be better or at least as good as the original naga mouse and the 2x g600 I had......hopefully better.


That said I already have a k55 keyboard so have icue installed running version 3.35.152 of iCue.  Does anyone know if there will be any issues running this older version with this mouse?


I am loath to update iCue as everything I have is working fine and playing New World I see in the steam forums that some people are having issues due the EAC having a problme with later version of iCue.


Also has anyone has issues with the switches in this mouse and has anyone opened the mouse up and changed the switches themselves?  After the warranty ofc.

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13 hours ago, HardcoreGames said:

...snip...its irrelevant whose mosque you use. ...snip...

Hmm what?


It's working so far without needing to update iCue and I am of the opinion of dont fix it if it ain't broke.  As for th switches I am guessing no one ever changed em yet.

If/when the mouse starts having double click issues I was thinking of replacing em with kailh gm 4.0 red switches or TTC ones was wondering if anyone else has done so.

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