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bulky, unwieldy, and uncomfortable


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So my razer naga epic chroma started to finally kick the bucket after 10 years... went to bestbuy after watching some reviews and picked up the corsair scimitar rgb elite.

first. the naga is a smaller mouse allowing your hand to rest comfortably on it. the scimitar is so huge that my hand feels like i'm back in second grade and some kid is tryin to force my hand backwards in a game of 'mercy'. my ring and pinky fingers are cramping to the point where i cant play at all due to the unwieldy width of the monster. and the number keypad is concave making all the numbers sorta blend in together. sure they put some very very very minimal texturing to try to differentiate, but the keypad on the naga rolls 'outward' from the mouse so that your thumb isnt trying to pick out the miniscule difference between the buttons. the inward roll of the keypad makes the buttons feel too close together. and there is NO separation between them almost.. the naga has tactile lines at the bottom of each key much like the tactile line on the letter F on most keyboards so that you can feel the bottom of each key. i find myself having to look down at the keypad to be sure i'm pressing the right button. 
corsare icue software is a severe pain in the rump. the 1 button on the mouse is listed as G1 in the software by default. Why make 1 into G1? this not only makes the mouse unusable out of the box but puts the new mouse owner into a severly frustrating voyage of WTF WERE THEY THINKING while trying to get the 1 button to actually register as the 1 button. Never in my life have i played a game that the hotbar 1 slot was used as G1. It doesnt register in games which makes the button completely useless until you figure out the stupidity of the software. the damned thing refuses to 'remember' your settings until you "save" the profile, there's no walkthrough on how to set the profile and once you have your settings saved there's no FKG SAVE BUTTON.  The defaults need to be default on 1-0 with - and = being the 11 and 12 keys respectively at which point we should be able to decide the settings ourselves. I never like razer's synapse software until i had to try to learn corsair's travesty of an interface. at least with synapse, when you set the 1 key to depress 1 (it's default by the way and there's a switch on the bottom of the mouse to change it if you wish), the key stays that way and you dont have to save a profile. No game EVER has a 'g1' slot on the hotbar. 

so if i were to bullet point my complaints about the scimitar

1. wired only, no wireless option

2. too wide, needs to be adjustable to fit smaller hands

3. the massive 'slide' your palm goes on , places your palm on the table and due to the overall height you feel like your hand is being pushed backward making it uncomfortable to keep your hand on top of the mouse. 

4. concave keypad makes finding buttons difficult, while a convex keypad would not only assist on separation of the buttons but make it more comfortable to use them. 

5. corsair icue is illogical , difficult to learn , difficult to set, and does not save properly and has no 'save button'. 

the mouse is already back in the box and will be returned today. i mean really, what were you guys thinking on this design? Does everyone at corsair have hands so huge that they can palm a basketball?

i like the fact that i can adjust the keypad forward/backward to suit thats a great start.and the dpi is awesome but the defaults on the buttons is a travesty. 

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