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Errors in Memtest and gamecrashes


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After getting one "memory could not be 'read'" error after another and im sometimes thrown back to the desktop in different games ( Mafia , Kotor2) i ran memtest.


in 5 Passes i got 212 Errors ! Here's a pic : klick


I've still got to test the RAMs with only one of them installed.


Corsair PC3200XL TwinX 1024 kit

Voltage 2.69 (says 3rd Eye, Voltagecontrol set to "Auto")


A64 3000+ @ 1800 Mhz

Abit AV8 + 3rd Eye Bios 1.9

Power Supply is a beQuiet! 400W

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thanks RAMGUY


is there a address somewhere in Europe or even in Germany I can send this stick to, or is this address in the US the only one ?


Do I have to pay for the delivery or can I get this money back somehow ?


And do I have to send in only the damaged one or together with the 2nd stick ?

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  • Corsair Employees
Please try your reseller first if they will not help you then please contact our customer service and we will do our best to help you directly. But if you send the modules direct to us, I believe that you pay the shipping to us and we pay to ship them back.
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