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K95 RGB Platinum and Glaive RGB LED's Not Lit During PC Power On


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I would like to have both Corsair Devices light up when I power on my PC.  I have the latest ICUE Software and all devices have been updated.

Current setup is the following:

K95 RGB Platinum Keyboard and Glaive RGB Mouse are plugged into a USB 3.0 Powered Hub.

USB 3.0 Powered Hub is plugged into a StarTech USB 3.0 Powered DIsplayPort KVM Switch (USB 3.0 Hub).

The issue is no LED's will be lit until I login and ICUE has been started.

It's hard to see what your typing when the LED's are not lit up on the keyboard.

Any help would be great.

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The KVM switch may be the problem.  Corsair recommends against using them and I suspect the devices don't initialize on boot in your current set-up.  Try it without the KVM and see if it changes.

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