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Why is the RGB Hub being discontinued?


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The commander core xt is in no way a proper replacement, i hope to god you guys have got an unnanounced new hub coming out that will actually be suitable for it's replacement.

Doing builds in larger cases such as the 1000D or 7000 series is going to be such a pain without the rgb hubs and a commander pro, the cable and icue management alone will be hell.

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15 minutes ago, Mark_T said:

I assume the Lighting Node Core is seen as the replacement, not the Core XT.

... but I assume you would still prefer to have a simple 6 port RGB connected device rather than the USB connection of the Lighting Node Core?

If you go to the RGB Hub product page, underneath discontinued it has a button which says "View Current Model", this links through to the Commander Core XT product page.

And yes i would much prefer to have the 6 port hub connected to the commander pro rather than another hub via usb, not just because it increases the need for more usb headers but also controlling everything via a single commander pro in icue is so much easier than several individual hubs.

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Understood, but I am assuming that link is incorrect...

... but it is also a concern that the Lighting Node Core does not seem to be available for purchase as a stand-alone product, so who knows...

I do see why the 'Core' is preferable to the original RGB Fan Hub + Lighting Node Pro, but in replacing it they seem to have ignored the more sensible RGB Fan Hub + Commander Pro solution.

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