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Corsair K100 keyboard, love it and hate it !


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Just bought the K100 keyboard, love it and hate it !

Love the feature rich mechanical keys, RGB, and function

Hate that the keyboard keeps dropping out of Icue

I've tried everything and open to suggestions

Tried unplug, plug in USB 2.0, 3.0, 3.2

Tried uninstall windows keyboard driver

Reinstall Icue

Only fix is unplug/plug and it shows up again. disappears after while or on reboot. At a total loss


Asus ROG Strix Z590 E-gaming

Windows 10

I Cue v4.17.7.244

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I'm sill waiting for them to add an option to the "Brightness Control" tr actually add more devices to control instead of just a keyboard. I am sure that I'm not the only one that like to control more devices with the wheel setting? I mean chances are if you wan the keyboard dimmer then you like to dim the other RGB devices as well or have an option.


I have a MM700 mouse pad that does the same thing your keyboard is doing now.


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I've tried everything and think its product / software issue


all USB drivers,

Devices associated

Asus Aura


Yesterday all the keyboard did was disconnect from USB flash, go dark, not work then come back with default settings and RGB.

Really shame I love the keyboard and really hate to return it this weekend but planning on it if I cant resolve the issue. I've had dozens of keyboards and 4 on this system non have this K100 issue

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Did you ever solve this? I’ve just bought one and having the same issue. Only had it today and tempted to just return and get the k70 RGB pro instead.

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It could be your system USB connection error. Being using it for a year and have no issue since day one. I also have the latest iCUE version and never have this issue too despite some other issue with other device from latest version of iCUE but not the K100.

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It was the keyboard, I’ve had a replacement from Amazon which is absolutely fine.

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