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H150i Elite Capellix not showing in ICUE


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Almost one year ago exactly I built a new computer with the 360mm H150i Elite Capellix and it worked great minus abnormally loud pump noise. Curiously, the pump noise is quieter when on the extreme profile than balanced and quiet. Anyways, lately I have noticed it keeps disappearing from ICUE randomly, for days at a time. I have 4 LL120 fans and they are all hooked up through the commander core that came with the cooler. I have a Christmas RGB profile that it is just about time to use so I am desperately looking for a solution to this problem and am grateful for any assistance. 

Some things worth noting: 1) I have performed many clean installs of ICUE including different versions of v3 and v4. 2) I am currently still running V3 because I hate the UI on v4. 3) Last time I was able to see it, the firmware was up to date. As it is on all other ICUE devices 4) I was swapping out GPUs the other day and I was rearranging cables and tightening the screws on the GPU after the system was back on, and I noticed the CPU cooler flickered and appeared in ICUE as I did that. This made me think there was a loose connection (I had just shipped the PC to Bellevue, Washington for the Summer and back to Mississippi in the span of 4 months) so next time it disappeared I took the case panels off and confirmed every connection was stable, wiggled them around for extra effect lol. Could not get a reaction after 30 minutes of doing this. Unplugged the USB 2.0 headers from the commander core and lightning node pro (not related, I use the node pro for corsair RGB strips) on the motherboard and plugged them back in, then restarted the device, to still not see them. I also think this happened to be a coincidence because it often disappears without so much as a light vibration touching the computer. 5) Probably most importantly, I am not using any other RGB or monitoring software. The most I have done with any other software is HW monitor to check temps in stress tests and I installed MSI Mystic light a year ago to set the on board motherboard lighting to green/red. I have since uninstalled Mystic light and I have not used HW monitor in a hot minute. ICUE has never had any problem with my keyboard, RAM, or RGB strips through lighting node pro.

PC Specs: CPU- 5800X I RAM- 32GB Corsair RGB Vengeance Pro I Motherboard - MSI B550 Carbon Gaming Wifi I PSU- Corsair RM 750X I Storage - 1TB Corsair Mp600 gen 4 and 2 TB of Adata XPG SX8200 gen3 I GPU- At the moment an MSI 1070 Gaming X

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Two things to look at....

1) Most AMD B550 and x570 boards are light on voltage through their internal USB ports for this kind thing.  This causes the connection between device and MB to drop in and out, sometimes at infuriating frequency.  Most users with these boards need a powered USB 2 hub to solve this.  There are relatively inexpensive but must have a SATA connector for power.  A splitter won't work since it doesn't add power to the situation.


2) Be careful with HWiNFO, AIDA, or any other program that also polls internal Corsair devices.  Loss of fan control, dropped devices, and garbage data from both programs are all possible when the two get intertwined.  It is possible to use HWiNFO at the same time, but you must disable monitoring of those Corsair internal areas.  That would be the Commander Core or any Corsair "i" PSU.  Typically RAM data/temps is not an issue.

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