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H100i Elite Capellix not working


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Hi folks,


My first ever PC build.


On first power up all my RGB fans are powered up and working, including the radiator fans. However, I am not getting any RGB on the pump header itself. When first booting up without windows installed, a CPU overheating temperature warning showed on the screen.


I quickly turned it off, double checked the seating on the pump header on the CPU, thermal paste looked even and well covered. I then checked the tach cable to the CPU_FAN header and all checks out.


When booting into the bios and letting the machine sit idle for 30 seconds the CPU core temperature sky rockets up to 80 degrees C, before I then power down before it blows up.


Any ideas?


Thanks for your help.



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If you can watch it skip jump up the CPU temp scale in the BIOS (50..55..60…. 80..85..etc), then there is no flow. It also may be difficult to even power on a second time because the water trapped in the cpu block is 60C+. You can try a different SATA connector, but if that does not immediately work, stop and return it as defective. It appears there is some fault in the power delivery, either the wiring or circuitry. 

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