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My son is wanting a AIO CPU cooler for a Ryzen 5 5000 series with RGB lighting.  He would really like a Corsair.  I am wondering which model(s) is compatible.  This is a Christmas gift and I want to make sure that I purchase the correct one. 

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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they will be all compatible with the CPU. The milion dollar question is.. what computer case does he use 🙂

This is what will dictate what size radiator will fit.

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awesomesauce... that doesn't help at all lol

maybe if you can sneak a photo of his case 😛

The usual sizes for radiators would be 280mm (two 140mm fans), 240mm (2x120), and 360mm (3x120).


Usually the front fans will tell the tale. if it has 3 front fans, most likely it will be compatible with a 360mm AIO mounted on the front

The top position (fans on top of the case) is more hit and miss, since some mid size cases will not allow for top AIO mounting, as it would collide with the RAM or with the motherboard.


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It's a Lian-Li Lancool 205 mesh.

It can support 240mm radiators up top or at the front, so any 240mm AIO will work in his case.

here's the case manual just for info https://lian-li.com/downloads/LANCOOL_205M_ATX_User_Manual.pdf

the latest from corsair would be either the H100i Elite Capellix https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Liquid-Cooling/iCUE-ELITE-CAPELLIX-Liquid-CPU-Cooler/p/CW-9060046-WW

Or the newer version of it with an LCD screen and the latest fan model https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Liquid-Cooling/iCUE-ELITE-LCD-Display-Liquid-CPU-Cooler/p/CW-9060061-WW


For performance, both will be more than adequate, you should really go for the one you think he'll like more, or what's in budget 😛

Ideally he'll want to install it on the front, so that the radiator gets fresh outside air, and he can reuse the front fans for the top position to evacuate the heat.

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