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K95 RGB Platinum Macros involving WinKey Not Working

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Hello everyone,

A few weeks ago my previously programmed macros involving the Windows Key suddenly stopped working. I'm not sure if it happened after an update or something like that, since I don't remember proceeding with one.

I'm trying to record a simple macro to switch desktops (LCtrl+WinKey+Right/Left) with a keypress on one of the G-Buttons on the side. The keyboard recognizes my keypresses, and records them in the macro window, however when I assign it to a key, and press the key, nothing happens. I had previously recorded one and it was working fine until recently, so I'm not sure what has changed.

Have I overlooked something here? Please advise.



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Hi Keito719,

Can you post a screenshot of your macro that's set up within iCUE for us to review? 

Thank you.

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