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Hey Folks,

I'm not new to building PCs, but I am new to the AIO cooler and RGB scene. Here's my proposed setup:

Corsair iCUE H150i ELITE CAPELLIX - mounted at the top of the case with fans configured for exhaust
Corsair LL120 RGB fans - 3 mounted at the side of my Lian Li OC-O11 Dynamic case for intake, and 3 at the bottom of the case for intake

9 total fans in the case

The LL120s 3 pack come with the Lighting Node Pro. So, I will have two of the Lighting Node Pros.

Ultimate Question: I want the functionality and setup of the RGB lighting and fan control to be as seamless and clean as possible. Should I look at purchasing a Commander Pro to use as a fan/rgb controller? Or will the lighting node pros suffice for what I'm wanting to do?


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The Capellix coolers come with a Commander Core. That'll control up to 6 fans. The fans on the Capellix cooler are also different than the LL's (they are the 8-LED MLs). So you'd be best served by putting the MLs on one channel and the LL's on another. Whether the LLs are on the CoCo or the NoPro + Fan Hub doesn't make a difference.

For fan speed control, add a couple of PWM splitters or a PWM Hub to the build and you can control it all from the CoCo.

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For the O11 go with a powered PWM hub to handle speed control for the extra fans. You will managing things in groups of 3 and triple splitters are not a good idea on these controllers. That will allow to put 1 or 2 banks of fans (3/6) on the PWM hub. If you only do 3, you will still need some two way PWM splitters for the remaking fans as the PWM hub uses 1  fan port on the Commander Core. 

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