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Corsair Virtuoso Not Working Correctly/ "Unplugs" my Xbox Controller

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Hey there,

So I bought the headset a while back and it was always acting weird but I just assumed it was just a fluke. After a while, I noticed that it wasn't a fluke.

While in wireless mode, the headset would turn wireless mode off. This would cause the EQ to turn off and the sound would go flat. 

Secondly, when I plug it in to charge it while playing a game, it "disconnects" my wireless Xbox controller. The controller loses connectivity: I can't pair it with the wireless dongle until I restart my pc or wait about 10 mins, then unplug and plug back in. I can't charge and use the controller at the same time. 

Lastly, while in wireless mode again, if I turn the headset on while playing a game on my controller, the controller stops working. It just stops working. It doesn't lose connectivity like the previous scenario, just stops working for a good 5 mins.

Not sure what started all these problems. Someone know any fixes or anything? I thought that it might have been the software I was using (Corsair iCUE 4) so I'm going to run the previous version and try again.

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