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Setting up H115i RGB Platinum in a 5000X RGB case

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  Just moving my system into its new home of the 5000X RGB case and wondering what is the correct method of connecting a H115i RGB Platinum AIO cooler.

Specifically where the cables should all connect.

Do we totally split all RGB connectors to the RGB hub and all the fans (case & AIO) onto the Fan hub?

Previously I've had the fans connected together as per the manual but wondering if that's different with the Hubs.

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You will want the PWM connectors from the radiator fans to remain on the pump’s fan controller. This guarantees they can run from the liquid temp at all times, software running or not. 

The RGB connectors depend on the other fans in play, specifically the LED count. However since the 5000X comes with 3 SP-Elite fans (8 led) and your platinum fans will either be 4 led ML or 16 led LL depending on version, it’s probably not a match. If ML you could try sticking them in RGB slots 4+5 and assuming you have another SP-Elite for the rear you lie to the software and tell it you have “8 LED fan X 5”. This will generate the 40 LEDs to cover all fans, but the top 2 will act like one fan (4+4).

Otherwise connect them to the pump RGB splitter and they will behave as intended but not be part of the same lighting group as your other fans. 

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