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How do you make the fans suck in air?

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This is kinda a stupid question, but how do I make Corsair fans suck in cool air? I'm sort of new to the PC community and I'm building my first PC. I'm installing the Corsair H100i Elite Capellix and I just need to make sure for when I'm ready to build. The radiator will be at the front of my PC. Any sort of help would be greatly appreciated.

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Fans will always move air from the open side to the caged side of the fan, (look at one of your fans and you'll see one side you can touch all the blades without anything in the way, that is the 'open' side.).

So mount the fans so they point the right way around and the air will move in the direction you want.

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As mentioned above, it’s the opposite of your standard house fan. The “pretty” side of the fan is the intake side and air will originate from that direction. The back side of the fan with the specifications sticker and support/directional vanes is the exhaust side. It will always flow in that direction. However, in the world of RGB fans note there can be substantial visual differences in the lighting from front to back. That may be worth considering when planning the build and choosing your fans. 

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