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P4C800-E DLX vs Twinx1024 3200 C2 PT


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Hi everyone,


Maybe I've done something wrong but:

I have already installed 2x256 CMX256A-3200C2PT


I just bought 2x CMX512R-3200C2PT to fit with the existing ones.


Is there a compatibility problem because the system won't start with these modules ?


I just noticed the little difference in A or R in the ref.. ?.. ?


Please help,





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  • Corsair Employees
This MB will not support registered memory and the part# CMX512R-3200C2PT would be a registered module. Please ask the reseller if they will swap them for the same part# with out the "R" or "RE" in the part# like Twinx1024-3200C2. In addition, you would need to match the part# and revision of what you have now if you want to add to them. Other I would suggest replacing the existing modules with Twinx2048-3200C2 for best performance.
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hi, and thanks for your quick response !


If I understood, actually I have 2x256 v1.2 so if I want to add some others, they must be v1.2 ?


It may cause problem if i had in the config

A1 / B1 - A2 / B2

256v1.2 / 512v2.x - 256v1.2 / 512v2.x


And at last, what is the difference between 3200C2 and 3200XL modules ?

(quickly, i'm not an expert in memories)


Thanks again



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Last question, i saw on some websites (overclocking ones) that you must specify the timings of the ram on the mother board. Do you think it is necessary or letting the mother board set the auto values is good ?


I do not want to overclock anything just set the best defaut values.


Thanks again.



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