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Please add new features to iCUE Nexus


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  1. Perhaps I'll start with the simplest: please add the ability to change the screen when you touch a button.
    This will allow users to make screens with groups of buttons (like macro buttons on a K95 screen).
  2. Next, we already have sliders for the volume on the K95 screen, and for the sidetone on the Virtuoso screen. Please add the ability to add these sliders to the screens.
    It seems to me that given the fact that they are already there, making them is not a big problem.
  3. And the last thing that would be very useful: now the screens are not tied to any profile, and you cannot tie them to the application (such as changing the backlight when you open something). We need the ability to bind either screens to a profile, or screens to an application, so that, for example, when I open a spotify, I immediately get access to music control.
    This problem will be partially removed if we add the ability to change screens when a button is touched, as in step 1.

    Thank you for your attention, I hope that it is possible to add it, and without much effort, given the capabilities already available to iCUE and the Nexus.


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Just an FYI - You can actually switch the iCUE Nexus Screens by simply 'Dragging' the screen from Left-to-Right or Right-to-Left.  But you can also create your own Buttons on each screen that will also let you switch the Nexus Screen (although it takes up a lot of screen real-estate if you do this).  

Hope this Helps! 

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