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Issue with iCue / K70 Rapidfire keyboard


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So I'm completely stumped right now. My keyboard (K70 RGB Rapidfire) and mouse (Glaive RGB) have been causing some serious issues with my PC. I've been getting BSOD with a kernal stop code due to device integrity. The lights will always revert back to purple no matter what I do and is reflected in the icue (but says light mode is on rainbow or any other mode I've tried). I've manually updated all the drivers, the lights will work for maybe a minute and then revert to purple. Same thing happens when completely removing the icue driver and then repairing the program. I know they're fairly old but I did also have a wireless mouse with dongle/charging cable that got completely fried after my last reboot that was newer and also corsair. The lights would always work on that one until it stopped powering on at all after the last reboot when I had it plugged in still. I've tried plugging it into another pc before anyone asks, sadly it's completely dead. I'm completely at a loss on how to fix this or if I should get new devices overall. 

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