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RMA Issues - Corsair K63 Keyboard

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I called in last month regarding a malfunctioning K63 keyboard, which was suggested for RMA by the Corsair Representative. I sent in the keyboard within the week, it was received, and a shipment tracking number was sent for the replacement. The tracking number has stated that the label has been created but zero movement in almost 4 weeks. I reached out further and no one is responding on the ticket and calling in offered no further support.

Ticket # 2004732582

Can I please have this looked into? I think I'm being reasonable to expect a replacement much sooner than 4 weeks after its stated shipping date, when it hasn't even been received by UPS.

Thank you.

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Hi Dave228,

I went ahead and forwarded this to the Customer Service team for review. Thank you for your patience -- someone should be reaching out soon.

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