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Corsair Ironclaw advanced RMA card declined


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Hi all,

My ironclaw wireless broke some weeks ago within warranty. I applied for an advanced RMA where Corsair sends you a new mouse before you have to send yours back. You have to pay the cost of the mouse as collateral but then they refund it once they receive your faulty mouse. 

Problem is, my card declined twice, as the billing and delivery addresses did not match, or something like that? I have had no such trouble with this card in the past and have made other purchases with it since without issue. Contacted my bank and they said there's no reason my card should decline. I also tried paying directly from the card and through paypal. I thought maybe the billing and shipping addresses are stored in my corsair account? But whenever I try to access my account to change these, the servers are down for maintenance. 

Can someone help me out here? 


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