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How to set 3600mhz to 3200Mhz

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I know it's an odd request, but my Vengeance Pro 32gb 3600mhz sticks are not compatible with Ryzen 5600G CPU when set to 3600mhz. I just want to set the MHZ to 3200 instead of the default setting of the memory. Using Gigabyte B550 Aorus Pro V2.


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Thanks for the response. This is new ram. This is the first PC I've built in more than twenty years. When I purchased these parts, I knew the CPU might not handle 3600MHZ. I've never been an overclocker (or under). Ran everything at default settings. This new PC I've built for future upgrades, so I don't want to return the ram. System is stable at the rams default settings. XMP heats things up (not dangerously) when playing games and eventually locks up the system with a black screen.

I'd prefer to just play it safe and set the ram to 3200MHZ.

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