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Mousepad POLARIS M800 RGB failing to detect


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Good morning community. I'm setting up an entire CORSAIR configuration and need some help. This is my build now:


- Keyboard k70 mk2 RGB

- Mouse dark core pro se Wirelles


- Font CX600M

- Mousepad polaris m800 rgb


The problem is the POLARIS M800 RGB mousepad, which in order to work and turn on the lighting, needs to be connected and disconnected several times from the usb port. It doesn't matter which port I use.

Does anyone go through this?

Detail, I use iCUE and all firmwares are up to date.


Thks for all help =) 

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You aren't alone. The mm700 mouse pad does the exact same thing on my PC. I was hoping the last 4.17.244 might address the issue. But then again I have been waiting for wheel on the K100 to control all RGB instead of just the keyboard. We all still have issues with the LT100 stands as well. You cannot cut them off from the base. You have to either manually do a all black RGB color scheme or stop ICUE all together to turn them off.  Easier to just unplug the power now.


It is rather odd "Voicemod" gets priority over all the other fixes that we have been needing though. Maybe in a few more years it will actually get fixed and work properly. I'm not holding my breath. But your answer is correct. Unplug and plug it back in a few times to get it to work. Not really fun to drop $60 + on a RGB mat and have to get up and unplug it a few times to get it to actually work though. It seems the QC people are missing some testing on their end in that department.

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I sent mine back to Amazon. I'm going to see if a new one resolves the issue for me. I will update if I find out anything different.


Thank Corsair Haurjie for helping us out. Would you happen to know why they used that awful fishing line thread on the MM700 for? That is some rough feeling stuff. What worries me if it gets caught and it gets torn will it unravel then. I honestly wished they would have used normal thread and just did the inside of the mat and not wrapped it all the way around the RGB like that. Makes it look and feel cheap doing it like that.

This is just me being subjective on my person taste. so don't pitch fork and burn to death for that.

Thank you coxa for allowing me to post in your thread as well. Very kind of you sir.

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