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Corsair Peripherals availability in my country


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I live in Russia and as of recently I can't find any Corsair keyboards in local shops. Specifically I'm searching for a K100 keyboard. It was announced at least a year ago and it hasn't been heard of since. But all other keyboards like k95 and k70 are nearly out of stock too and you cannot find official Russian localized versions anymore. I'm not that worried for the official localized versions as I will be switching out the keycaps anyway but it is the state of Corsair's business in my country that worries me... The only reason why I'm interested in the k100 keyboard is the standard size keycaps.

Lots of apps that I use can work either with Corsair RGB software of Razer so I'm pretty much limited to these two manufacturers when it comes to keyboards. RGB is more of a function to me than a gimmick. Please Corsair, don't let me go Razer... Their recent keyboards are an embodiment of everything I hate about their keyboards.

No one can give me any definitive answer what is happening with Corsair.

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