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Corsair Flash Voyager GTX 256GB - WINDOWS 11 - No driver


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Hi all,

I'm using these wonderful usb key Corsair Flash Voyager GTX 256GB every single day as bootable device to install, recover or troubleshoot problems (thanks to it amazing speed!)

I've always been totally happy with them until now ­čś×┬á

These key doesn't seems to be correctly supported by windows 11....
mounting my key on windows 11 can take up to 2min to get ready (with a freez on windows)
I've tested thousands of combination : mbr/gpt ntfs exfat and more I always get really random and strange result but always same result => REALLY slow 

I did test on multiple computer with windows 11:
- update from windows 10 to 11
- brand new install on windows 11
- safe mode
so every thing to be sure this is not a software issue.
In a brand new install without any network connection and nothing install, it cause the same problem.

Furthermore I tried to install Windows 11 via these key... and surprise ... at the install windows 11 reject the key and is asking for a driver (picture here attached - sorry for the poor quality)


I'm sure this is more a Windows issue but if there is there is a great alternative to be able to use these keys for Windows 11 until Microsoft decide to fix this (in 2-3 years time ­čśŤ┬á) it will be wonderful



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I have just got this drive as a replacement for my GT stick that had died and I am having the same issue and on Windows 11, I haven't tried any other OS yet so I don't know if this stick is faulty but it is doing exactly the same thing, Takes ages to initialise and sometimes just freezes my system in he process.

I did find that if plugged in a USB 2.0 port it worked first time every time but not in USB 3.0 ports so I don't know what is going on with these GTX's I have sent an email off to corsair regarding my warranty replacement not working properly and it could be because of the onboard controller corsair is using on these sticks being an isssue.

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