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What a cable mess however I was hopefull to replace the PCIe 6+2 cables


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At first I had to laugh at myself because I spent an hour researching replacement PCI3 cables for RM850X PSU. Only to get to the check out and it only allows a max of two cables? I have a Powercolor Red Devil RX 6900XT which has three 8 pin power slots. Hooking up three standard dual PCIe cable look a mess. I have no Idea why Corsair will only allow you to purchase two as a max per color. Maybe I could mix and match to get to three. But blows my mind. 

Test it out yourself, SKU CP-8920244 Premium Individually Sleeved PCIe Cables (Single Connector) Type 4 Gen 4 – Red. Try to add three. 

How do you think it would look with two read on the outside 8 pin slots, and maybe black and red in the middle?

graphics holder.jpg

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