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Corsair One 2017/18 i7700K 1080ti - Fan Curve after Windows 10 reinstall

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Corsair One Pro 2017/18 i7700K 1080ti

Recently I had to do a fresh install of Windows 10 due to a dieing m.2 drive. Everything is working fine after downloading drivers including Corsair Link. 

However.... the fan curve is now non-existant. It is either 400rpm or running at absolute max and doesn't do anything in between. Internet browsing, youtube and low demand games are fine but as soon as a moderate load hits it ramps up immediatly to max fan speed?

How do I fix this?

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What was the outcome @ProfessorWinter?

My case fan also idles just above 400rpm when set to "Auto" in Corsair Link, but at that speed my M.2 SSD ramps up well over 60 degrees C.

Setting the case fan to "Max" in Corsair Link for a minute or two will lower the M.2 SSD temp back down to a reasonable 55C, but is very noisy.

I'd like to try setting case fan to idle around 800rpm to see if that's a fair compromise of noise and M.2 SSD temp.

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Not resolved yet unfortunately. Credit to Corsair though, they are trying many options with me to resolve the issue. If I get more info I'll post it back here. 

I note your point on the M.2 as I'm not suprised it died anymore. I now realise how its location right behind the GPU is a very hot zone after pulling the machine apart to install the new drive. I'm not sure if it changed on more recent designs but it would make more sense to perhaps locate it on the CPU cooler side of the Corsair One. It would catch more air and also be on the side that, for most gamers, would be under less load.

The Corsair One really is a design marvel and I dont regret purchasing it. I just wish it was a little easier to fix faults and do upgrades/fixes when parts go wrong.

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Hi @ProfessorWinter, some good news at my end and I now have the case fan dynamically following the M.2 SSD/system temp nicely.

My system is a little complex since I swapped out the original MSI Z270I motherboard that came with the Corsair One Pro 2017 for a newer MSI Z490I with i9-10900 CPU, but I'm still using the original CPU and GPU fan pumps and radiators. 

I had observed that my M.2 SSD temp was pretty much identical to the "system" temp reported by MSI BIOS, so I bought a fan extension cable and reconnected the original case fan from the GPU pump to the system fan header on the motherboard. In the MSI BIOS I configured the system fan in PWM mode and programmed it to start spinning at 50% at 0 degrees and ramp up from there.

Under casual use the SSD temp stabilises around 50 degrees C with fan at 70% and is almost inaudible.

The only downside is that the fan shows as 0 rpm in Corsair Link since it's not connected to the pumps, but more importantly Corsair Link shows my SSD temp at a safer level.

My system may be different to yours but I'm pretty sure the same solution could work for you. Good luck!


Corsair Link.png

MSI Z490I BIOS Fan Info.png

MSI Z490I BIOS Fan Settings.png

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