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I have a new capillex h150i  with a 5950x and i am seeing high deltas from cpu to coolant. 

i am seeing 102*f max temp for the coolant and 151*  at 10% load while playing Kerbal Space.   for a 5950x NOT overclocked. the difference in the tempretures seems very high.    any help would be appreciated 

I have tried tightening it down more, loosening the pump, replacing thermal paste with thermal grizzly,   tried different fan and pump  speeds but nothing seems to help with the delta of temps.  


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That seems fine - your cooler is at 38C and your CPU is at 66C. That's a 30C delta at load. That's fine.

System temps are usually in Celsius. Putting them in Fahrenheit really just confuses things.

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Coolant to CPU delta is all about physical contact and voltage.  Typically when you get the contact wrong everything is erratic, jumpy and out of control.  Opening basic programs will cause an extremely high CPU temp spike.  However, most often on recent CPUs it's only the increasingly dynamic voltage changes.  The days where we could say a stock CPU was 30-35C and an overclocked CPU was around 50C are gone.  Almost every CPU is overclocked the moment you drop it into the MB which then applies its own power limit rules.  Keep an eye on the Vcore voltage when applying to load to see if it corresponds with the change in coolant to CPU temp differential.  An additional factor on high core count CPUs is it may display things at the voltage limit whether you have 6 or 16 cores active.  The voltage manipulation is happening far more often then the programs will poll and not visible.  However, there will definitely be a difference in temperature between 6 cores loaded at 1.35v and 12-16 cores loaded at 1.35.  


All you can do is measure at idle and max.  Trying to make sense out of dynamic in game actions is hard.  Take something like CPU-Z and run the bench stress test for 20 seconds.  It's a linear load so the instant CPU temp shift will hold, only increasing over time as the coolant heats up.  This should give you an upper limit for coolant/cpu differential and voltage.  After that, you can try and make sense out of the games.  Some are going to use more than others and it may not correspond to the number of threads in use, but should be relatively consistent from session to session.  

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