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K95 RGB 18 keys


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I realize others have posted about this in the past, but I really wish Corsair would bring the k95 RGB 18G macro keyboard back. I like many others depend greatly on macros for such things as SQL CMD line, CMD line, design work, gaming, and many other things. I started with my Logitech G510 and then upgraded to my K95 since it had the 18 macros and was stunning with all my other Corsair Gear. It has been by far the best keyboard I have owned. I only wish I could get another and that they would bring it back to stay. Unfortunately a "stream deck" wont due any good... 


Corsair people if you read this please listen to the feedback from your customers. I have read many many many posts of those that would love to get another keyboard that has more than 6 measly macros. You make quality gaming gear. Please bring back keyboards that have more macros!! 🙂

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The old 18 G-key K95 seems to be the most wished for piece of hardware on these forums. There appears to be both a consumer desire and a hole in the market for that type of keyboard. Fingers crossed…

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I can second this.  I'm using a Logitech G11 that I've had since many years back due to there being nothing else on the market that matches it and the LEDs are dying on this relic.  It too features 18 programmable keys but the LED illumination on this thing was poor to begin with and it got a bit of a bad rep due to the lack of illumination.  When I heard Corsair did this baby and I saw pics of it I freaked out, it's way more brighter than my G11 and would've been an awesome upgrade.  All the more modern "bling" gaming keyboards are just that, they're all flashy colours with way less or even no programmable keys on them at all!  For an avid MMO gamer who has played for 20 years I can attest that having many programmable keys is a must due to the crazy number of actions, hotkeys and macros that are associated with MMO games.  I get severe pain in my fingers from needing to stretch my hand across the keyboard using modifiers so having those buttons at the side is a lifesaver, and playing an MMO I need to react fast so I can't do with having peripheral devices for extra keys unless they're practically jammed right next to the keyboard.

I would really love it if Corsair would listen to the customers and come up with a resolution for us real gamers (not the ones who just like taking pictures to show how much their setup looks like a Christmas tree.)  We need more programmable keys, 6 is way too few and 12 is still a bit meh.

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I have one that has worked great for years. Cherry mx reds. I love it but it’s just too large for my work from home setup these days. I can’t find any online eBay, or Amazon so I have no idea what to sell it for.




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