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LL RGB lighting not reactive and has a mind of its own


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using the most updated version of ICUE, sometimes my fans light up as programed other times they have random colors. Need help on how to fix.


My lighting setup ion ICUE is correct with correct number of fans with my NODE Pro. 


Here's a picture of what it should be versus what it is. Sometimes its green sometimes its yellow but usually never as programed.




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11 hours ago, jbsc said:

Sometimes its green sometimes its yellow but usually never as programed.

Something is not right even in that picture.  Color Shift should apply equally to all fans at the same time.  It's possible to set the fans off sequence by toggling the individual fans in/out of the effect with Fan 1, Fan 2, Fan 3 buttons, but that would only last until the next profile change, app start, or PC reboot.  I am running that on 4..17 right now and I don't see anything odd.  Any other strange behavior?


Possible you are looking at a hardware issue and not a programming problem.  It's not clear yet if that is a bad fan setting offsetting the others down the chain or if the RGB controller is at fault.  I would start a support ticket with Corsair right now in case fans or controllers need to be replaced.  You might also play around with the fan order.  That picture makes me wonder about fan #2 since that seems to be where the color break occurs.  Try swapping fan 2<->3 on the RGB ports to see if that moves the behavior to only the 3rd fan.  

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