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Would it be possible to add a battery widget to ICue Nexus? The Voice prompt in my Corsair Virtuoso headset is great, but I have no external visual of my Corsair Dark Core battery status (Unless I have ICue up on my second screen or checking the battery level in the system tray) Alt tabbing to check it is not a huge pain but the ease of scrolling threw the Nexus screens is nice and it be convenient to see the battery status at a glance. Also is there a way to display percentages of the battery level instead of relying on "High" "Medium" etc....? I got this Nexus thinking it would just be a nice toy to check out once and while but I am really liking this product  and want to see develop. In the future I would like to see a refresh of this product with a bigger screen and less bezel and better viewing angles.

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That does seem like something we should have since it is part of the CUE software and available on the dashboard.  I don't see it as available to add for my wireless mice either.  It would be useful.  


EDIT:  It does appear on the device specific screen.  I typically don't use those since I don't need most of it.  Yet since it is there, it certainly should be something we can add as a widget ourselves.  

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