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HX1200i and Z690 board


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Hi! I need help!

I have psu HX1200i (photo below) and want to buy new motherboard z690 (for example, asus rog strix z690-f).

Tell me, please, is it possible to plug 2 CPU cables to make 8+8 as requaired in new z690 boards. 

I mean, is it possible to plug one cpu cable in 4+4 cpu (on the right on my photo) and another one cpu cable plug to 6+2 pci-e (to the left of 4+4) ?


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those 6 are the same connectors

you can plug 6+2 PCIE or 4+4 CPU anywhere amongst the six 8 pin sockets.

And do not worry too much about using two 8 pin CPU cables. one alone is enough to power even a 12900K. a single 8 pin can provide slightly above 330W.

It's nice to connect two but it's not mandatory unless you try to tackle extreme overclocking.

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I had an HX1200i powering my 24 core ThreadRipper. It didn't even breathe hard.

It will be just fine with a z690.

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