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RMA request TWINX1024-3200C2PT bad DIMM

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I believe that one of my DIMMs is bad. One DIMM works perfectly, the other one will not even POST when used by itself. I've tried it in two different computers and none of them will POST with the one DIMM. When used in conjunction with the other DIMM, detailed POST will error when testing the "bad" DIMM and Windows will BSOD when booting using both DIMMs.


I have not yet run memtest86 on both DIMMs, but judging by the fact that it won't even POST with one of the DIMMs leads me to believe that it's very likely defective.


I ordered the set from NewEgg, so I'm not sure if I should RMA through Corsair or NewEgg. I'd prefer to not have to send in both DIMMs since one seems to work fine and I'd prefer to have a working computer while the RMA process is occurring. If I RMA through Corsair, will I have to send in both DIMMs?


Has anybody had any experience RMAing through NewEgg, and is it faster? If I do have to send in both DIMMs, I'd obviously prefer the method with the fastest turnaround possible.



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