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Void RGB Elite Wireless Not Charging Properly

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I just recently bought this peripheral about 2 days ago. I have charged it over night 2 times since then and I have noticed that the battery doesn't fully charge. That is 16 hours of charging without a single time being 100% charged. iCUE even shows it only charging to 35%. I turn it off to charge it and have it plugged directly into my pc via the usb cable provided. I seen in the legacy forum that other were having the same issue and a Corsair employee spoke about an update that would fix this issue, yet when I first updated after set-up, nothing was fixed. This issue was known back in 2018, it is now 2021 and it seems to still be an issue. I'm about to just take these back and get a better brand at this rate. 35% only lasts about 3 hours roughly. Which if you want to stream on any platform, is not enough time for battery life. Also noticing that through iCUE that the battery drains pretty fast too. Within 5 mins of usage battery level went from 35% to 26%. That is highly unusual. This needs a patch to fix this issue. 

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Hi wonder1070,

Many similar issues on our wireless headsets can be solved by doing a simple soft reset. This will disconnect the battery from the headset, and then reconnect it. All you would need to do is:

Please make sure your headset is unplugged.
Make sure your void is powered On.
Hold the Mute button on the headset down for about 15 seconds
After holding the Mute button, hold the Power button until the Void turns on

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