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Need some info on how the SSDs and Hard Drives fit in the CORSAIR 5000 Series Cases


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Hi everyone, 

I hope you are all doing well. I just had a quick question regarding the CORSAIR iCUE 5000X RGB TGWhite case.

I will be getting a new build in that case soon, however I will be adding more hard drives to it from my previous computer. 

I wanted to ask if anyone has added Sata SSDs or SSHDs before and how it works? I have seen some the promotional video but it doesn't show how the wires connect, etc...

Because in the traditional trays, you get these longer power splitter cable, that basically line up vertically with all the hard drives, these cables basically:
StarTech.com 15.7 in (400 mm) SATA Power Splitter Adapter Cable - M/F - 4x  Serial ATA Power Cable Splitter (PYO4SATA) : Amazon.co.uk: Computers &  Accessories

However because these are positioned differently in this case, and not in a tray vertically, would I have to have separate power cables for each SSD to make it work? I couldn't see any existing hard drive setups. 

Does anyone else here have perhaps a setup they'd like to share so I can see how you've wired them? Just trying to make sure I have all the needed equipment that's all 🙂

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there should be enough clearance with the side panel to bend the wires to get the connectors lined up with the cable.

They are usually very stiff so you can bend them into shape. 

The other solution is to buy SATA extensions, one to one, not multigang like the one you show. These are 99% of the time straight and would make a way neater connexion.

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OP, I have two SSDs mounted in my 5000D airflow. I use one SATA power cable that connects to both drives.  I found that there is plenty of room to bend the cable to fit both drives.  I even have enough room on the cable to fit on the third mounting point if I ever want to add a drive.  Corsair did a great job of ensuring there was enough cable room between the motherboard tray and the side of the case for good cable management.

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