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Dominator Platinum RGB Heat Spreaders

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I have 128GB (4x32GB) of Dominator Platinum RGB in black. They work great and look neat but now I have a white 4000D Airflow and all the black components are killing the vibe. I'm more than willing to pay for the white Dominator Platinum RGB heat spreaders. I tried going through customer service. I was very clear on what I wanted; I even provided pics. However, they would just shunt me over to the memory page. *sigh*

For what I paid, I figure I should be able to make this work or at the very least get a straight and human answer to my request and not be held at the mercy of context algorithms. And no, I don't want the Vengeance RGB PRO light enhancement kit.

Maybe I should look into Cerakote to get what I want.

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Per the email I submitted on 11/06/2021 (ticket number 2004781014).

In short, I'd like a Dominator Platinum RGB light enhancement kit in white. If it's not something Corsair wants to do, fine. I just got tired of being sent to the memory page with no real answer.

Thanks again.


Hi. I have recently purchased 128GB of Dominator Platinum RGB in black (picture 1). As I am going for a white theme inside my PC, I wonder if it is possible to purchase the Dominator Platinum RGB heat spreader/RGB combo in white (picture 2). I have no interest in the Vengeance RGB Pro light enhancement kit shown in Corsair's store. Thanks.

picture 1.png

picture 2.png

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