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Introducing the CORSAIR USB100 7-Port USB Type-C/USB Type-A Expansion Hub

Corsair Angie

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Hey everyone,

We're excited to present to you another product in our lineup of desktop devices. The CORSAIR USB100 Expansion Hub is an external, convenient, durable, slim power adapter and USB hub designed to accommodate all of your needs while giving you plenty of power. Multiply your ports in no time in one convenient seven-port hub that easily fits into any setup and workstation.

• Seven extra USB Type-A and USB Type-C ports for your system (3x USB Type-C SuperSpeed 5Gbps ports, 4x USB Type-A SuperSpeed 5Gbps ports)
• 65W power adapter included
• Mac and Windows compatible with easy plug-and-play setup (1m-long USB Type-C cable included)

Click here for more information. We’ve put together a quick FAQ below.

Q: When would I need a USB hub?
A: When you have multiple devices such as phones, tablets, mice and keyboards that need USB power, you may not have that extra space for them. Using a USB hub such as the CORSAIR USB100 Expansion Hub makes it easier to expand the number of available USB ports you need while keeping everything all together.

Q: What is the maximum output with the included adapter?
A: The CORSAIR USB100 Expansion Hub is powered by a 65W power adapter for convenient USB full charging power available at all times without draining your laptop.

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Any plans to get a Corsair internal USB hub? yes, no comments on future products 😛 but that's one pretty much all AMD users need when using corsair controllers... or people using more than 2 internal devices.

For this one, the 1m cable is perfect for laptop use, but a bit short for a tower that usually sits farther than that.

Does it have any status LEDs ? I ask that for those who don't like having lit LEDs at night.

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