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Hydro Problems from start to finish.


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So start off by saying I like the aesthetics of the hydro system, usually go completely custom but the idea of a kit always had me wondering. was building a new personal machine and decided to see what was what. Here is what I have found. 

So first off out of the gate, the hydro kit does not come with compression fittings. Or mine did not, so before ordering do extensive planning know what you need, and what you get in the box. For example I needed to source few tools as I am usually going a "harder route" and thought this would be plug and play compared to sourcing each component and doing some diy to get it all together. I thought someone less prepared may not have a heat gun, proper tools to cut the tubing in ways that actually work. 

 Second before you open packaging I would hope you're models are brand new and have relevant instructions, but I have come to find out he xd7 I purchased from my home away from home micro center, contained incomplete or inaccurate with what they know today instructions. For example The xd7 on my clearly printed paper instructions said for me to install a temperature sensor in the bottom left port, and online it says only to use as a drain and buy a 3 way for the temp sense. I hesitate to look up instructions as I find you can in some cases do more harm than good by reading a version that is no longer relevant with multiple versions in the tech world being released quickly I find its usually best to stick with the hard copy instructions the device is sent with so that it is on the manufacturer. not something you would be at fault for looking up the wrong version. in this case I should have looked them up sooner, as it seems corsair has released products they should have held another year for testing. 

Unfortunate but moving on, basics so far I will need to rma 1 XD5 probably another next week making same noise, and one xd7 that never made a noise at all. So if dead set on aesthetics, continue but know you may not be operational for 3 weeks depending on how many bad parts you get.

But back to the beginning, I would order 3x tubing Acrylic is not fun to bend. And depending on complexity many tubes will be wasted as kinks will happen, inprop. stretching etc, but more on bending later. at least 4 extra fittings, you may receive fittings with layers of paint peeling and allowing leaks around compression ring. careful of ID/OD (inner and outer diameter) so you aren't waiting on 14 when you got 12. I wouldn't recommend 12mm, especially with most setups I see the 14 really becomes 12 unless every bend is actually perfect, and 12mm seems too little flow to be worth the cost so I would look at a 16mm option at that point that's comparable in price. 

I will continue filling out this info and will post a full guide with all I learned, and have to note corsair is trying there are a lot of positives to this system, however currently they cannot. be highlighted due to solvable problems which is disappointing. 

If anyone out there Is currently in the process of building a hydro loop, the machine I'm working on contains 4 its an absolute overkill tower 900 white, chopshopped to fit my spec. that truthfully contains 3 separate pcs, one machine 3 boards etc. learned a lot hope to save someone the headache and frustration, as well as a couple dollars hopefully, but send me a message and if its something I have an answer to happy to help. 


apologies for any spelling errors wanted to throw this out if it helps someone, but am rushing through as still have other things going on. 

hope it helps if anyone wants to add please do, and hope you're builds go well!

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aye always order 2x the amount of tubes you THINK you may need 😛 that's one thing that doesn't work well for a kit. they provide what the build needs, but not what you require to get good at bending first by failing a few runs.

That said, the tubes should never collapse if you use the silicon insert correctly, provided you have the correct one for the tubes you use.

a 14 ID has to stay 14. the silicone insert needs to be close to 14, not 13,5. I had that problem with EK tubes and had to go to an Alphacool insert to make perfect bends that don't slightly flatten.. Worth measuring. Basically the insert should be almost impossible to slide in without soapy water.

As for the tube ID related to flow, most fittings will only have a 9 or 9,5mm opening, so even the 12mm tubes are overkill. You can chose the tube size purely based on aesthetics at that point. On a Tower 900, bigger looks cool 🙂


I won't comment on instructions being confusing further than saying Corsair needs to start making proper litterature for their gear. a quick start pictorial guide is not a manual. It's like they hate their products so much they package them as fast as possible to get them off their hands ASAP.. no time to get a techpub writer make a manual.. bleh

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