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Keyboard lighting timeout?


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Hi everyone.  I'm a longtime Logitech guy who just got my first Corsair product, a K70 mk2 Rapidfire.  So far so good, once I figured out iCue, set the colors the way we wanted (red for me, purple for her), and put some o-rings under the caps.  What a difference those make.  There's just one more thing to figure out...

How can I make the keyboard backlight shut off after a period of time?... say, 60 min?  I don't need the backlight on all the time when I am at work or sleeping.



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PS... I have tried IdleKey for Windows 10 but it does not seem to work, or I set it up wrong... I set "Profile 1" to no backilght and 2 and 3 to our colors.... All it does is lock the backlight at whatever setting it was at when Idle is first enabled.  Neither the profile key nor the app can change the lights when idle is running.

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