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MSI MOBO z390 with DRAM vengeance ST


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Hi all, 

been patiently got time have a cup of coffee and keep searching the old post and so on ,

still no luck so i decide to post a new thread.

since all still fall behind the MSI DRAGON CENTER.

today they have updated the new software and no more dragon center, instead revamp a new look call MSI CENTER.

almost the same but more solid look. 

so using the latest MSI Center & Icue latest of cause. 

see alot of workaround on old post such as someone get it fixed by startup delay on icue service.

done that but still not working, 

the only working method now is (i never switch back the start delayed still set it)
but what i further working for the fixed. is close the ICUE and START it again. (perhaps the auto start disable and manually enter the app maybe it works)
so the only solution i found it help is like above.

so is kinda fussy and annoying that do thing manually.

i think the version 4 of ICUE no more Enable SDK for us to unable or enable, if i missed it please share to me how. because i also really check many times i cant find it. or maybe i blind. 

Icue always work perfectly on my katar pro wireless /  k something keyboard this year model the rgb are working as well. and hs70 are working too. 

only the latest ram i brought this 2 set of 8gb kit are appear to be this promatic.

msi center working around the take over 3rd party enable unable seems to be are same, nothing change & work too. 


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