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Void Elite Wireless not powering on no matter what

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I bought a void elite wireless last year and its been fine to use, however last night when I tried to turn it on it did not show signs of powering on. The LEDs did not light up and the power icon did not show any colours of the battery. I went through old forums and could not find a solution as all the posts were multiple years old, and I'm not sure people still use this headset. If anyone knows how to fix this please reply to this post.

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Hi Lopified,

If you run into a situation where your Void headset seems to become inoperable after plugging it in to charge, your headset might actually be in bootloader mode.

When plugging in your Void, holding down any button will cause the headset to go into bootloader mode. To avoid this, refrain from pressing any button when plugging in your headset for charging.

If you accidentally put your Void into bootloader mode, follow the steps below to exit bootloader mode.

For a wireless Void:

Open iCUE.
Hold down the Mute button on your headset while plugging the wireless dongle into your computer.
Make sure that the headset lights up; if it does not, repeat step 2 until it does.
Select your headset.
Click Update to download the latest firmware.
If your headset is unpaired at this point, pair the headset.

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Looks like your reply didn't come through cleanly -- what's up?

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