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iCue7000 connections and hardware not shown in manual


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I have tried and found no information from Corsair about the connectors, RGB hub, temperature leads but no luck. It seems to be like they're deaf, dumb, and blind

to assume everyone knows about where these leads are to be placed. Is there any info anyone can provide so I can finally finish this system? I would have loved to RTFM.

Thank you in advance.



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Well, the temp leads go where you want them to go. There's no single answer to that and it'll depend on your system.

As for the rest - again, that'll depend on your system. The PWM hub that you have pictured can be connected to the Commander Core and then up to 6 fans put on it. I'm using it for one set of radiator fans (6 fans for push/pull on 420mm rad). But it can be connected to any PWM header.

These really aren't things that are going to be in a manual because it'll depend on a LOT of variables based on what you are building and how you want things to be. That's just not feasible.

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