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No Fan RMP control- H150i Elite Capellix

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Hi all I'm desperate for help to fix these fans

I recently upgraded my build with a H150i Elite Capellix 360mm (icue), i have the rad fans connected to the commander CORE as well as my previous 3x LL120 RGB fans. Problem i'm having is using iCUE 3 or 4 i cannot control my fan speeds, the fans show up in lighting control as differant fans, i have tried using a set %, custom curve (with & without sensor set to gpu) as well as fixed rpm. The only control i can get is fixed rpm if i set it to 5000, the selected fan will ramp up to max but will then slowly wind down despite the fan profile telling it to stay @ max. 

I have tried clearing the cooling config file and restarting - No Affect, tried removing any programs that could control fan rpms - No Affect, tried a force firmware update - No Affect, updated all the iCUE to latest versions.

I have check the Commander CORE Connections ( all secure & re-seated), also checked the MB connections ( all secure).



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So this is one of the LL fans not behaving?  Try swapping it on the Commander Core with a different front fan to see if the problem moves with the fan or stays with header #5.  Make sure you power down before you do this.  The Com Core has an auto-detect feature and you sometimes get unexpected results when hot plugging fans.  The power cycle forces a re-detection.  

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I'm having the same problem with my fans.  Just upgraded to a new i7-12700K and Gigabyte Z690 Aorus Elite AX motherboard and I have no control over my fans through iCue and as a result CPU temps are going up to 100C.  NOT GOOD!  I keep seeing others with similar issues, what is going on?  I have the fan cable plugged into the CPU_FAN pins, is there a setting I need to change in the BIOS to let iCue control the fans?

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